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Healing - A Self-Guided Journal with Prompts

Healing - A Self-Guided Journal with Prompts

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Did you know your words create healing? 

Release your thoughts to unleash the healing power of your words with our transformative "Healing” Journal. Crafted to ignite self-exploration, this journal becomes your trusted ally on the path to healing.

Empowering you to delve into the depths of your emotions, aspirations, and experiences, each page offers a sanctuary for your thoughts to unfurl. Whether you pour out your heart, record moments of resilience, or capture fleeting sparks of insight, this journal invites you to express yourself with raw authenticity.

With its thoughtfully designed layout and durable construction, the "Healing Journey" journal reflects your commitment to self-discovery. Its sturdy cover symbolizes your dedication to inner growth, providing a tangible reminder of your journey towards healing.

Whether you're navigating trauma, exploring your identity, or nurturing self-compassion, this journal serves as a compass for introspection. It guides you to unearth hidden truths, reclaim your power, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.

Begin your healing journey today and let your words become the catalyst for profound personal transformation. The "Healing" Journal awaits, ready to witness the beauty of your unfolding journey towards wholeness.

What you should know:

  • This journal includes a “A Note For You” and free downloads* 
  • Layout: College Ruled Lined - 7.1mm
  • Size: 6" x 9" ; Paper: white paper ; Pages: 165 pages total
  • Prompts: 
    • 3 pages filled with 30 prompts
    • 6 categories: self-esteem & body image, relationships & boundaries, trauma & healing, identity & cultural influences, mental health & well-being, and self-compassion & self-care.
  • Cover: Beautiful hardcover; Perfect Binding
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for gel pen, ink or pencil
  • High-quality, lightweight paper and a smooth writing experience


Please note: Healing is a complex and multifaceted process. While journaling can be a powerful tool in this journey, it's just one aspect of the larger process of self-discovery and healing.

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